Let Me ask you, have you ever worked with the “That’s not my job” guy? He is all to keen to tell you how you should do something. He is all to anxious to remind you he is not in “that” department. He mentions his cable tow before the sound of the letter “P” in help is uttered.

When the four corners of a cloth are held to catch someone from falling, if the fourth person lets his corner go, odds are the person hits the ground. Please don’t let this happen to, our friend, our ritual, our Lodge for that matter .

We have duties that are falling unmet. We have brothers who are going unvisited. We have charities who are in need for sick and distressed women and children. It is most completely our collective JOB to aid and assist the poor, the sick, the destitute, to shine the light of Masonic love and virtue into the darkest recesses of creation.

I would like to invite everyone to the table, to share our banquet of joy, hope, brotherly love, charity, and fellowship. It is happening again the second Thursday of May. It is our Masonic Duty, our JOB as Masons to do this work. Pease come join us.

William J. Conover, PM
Worshipful Master 2017










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