It is with great honor and full humility that I take up the mantle of Worshipful Master of Mantua lodge for the 2019 masonic year. My main objective for this year is to celebrate our 150th anniversary with due accord and prepare the lodge for 150 more. We will continue to hone our ritual skills and provide good mentorship for the younger members in the line, to include opening our rehearsals to members of other lodges and/or conducting joint rehearsals. These are not only a good opportunity to improve ritual work but a great opportunity to socialize in a less formal setting.

I would also like to examine more opportunities for financial stability to ensure our charitable and community work does not suffer. This can be accomplished by using the wisdom of our many diverse members with a goal to create not only fundraising opportunities, but also opportunities to give some of our “less” attending brothers a reason to get out and commune with their fellow brethren. It might be your idea that we need brother! Please share it!!

I again thank the brethren for entrusting me with this position and I hope to, with the help of my fellow officers, lead this lodge in a positive direction commiserate with the venerable Worshipful Masters who have come before me. Please come out and join me in this endeavor.

Fraternally yours:

Barry J. Strube Jr.
Worshipful Master - 2019










Hall Rentals

Members of Mantua Lodge $250.00 Donation

Non-members but Masons $300.00 Donation

Non-members no affiliation $350.00 Donation