It was in October 1879 – the 21st, to be exact – that inventor Thomas A. Edison succeeded for the first time in producing continuous artificial electric light. After 14 months of testing countless materials, his latest incandescentbulb burned a carbon filament for 13½ hours in his cluttered laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey. Soon, such bulbs were lasting 40 hours, and Edison, “a short, thick-set man, with grimy hands,” as The New York Times described him, was confident enough to put on a New Year’s Evedisplay of 40 glowing lights.His guests were amazed as he switched them on and off. Some immediately speculated on how different the future would be.
The value of stocks in gaslight companies started their downward spiral. While October has seen significant inventions, discoveries and enterprise – the first Model T Ford went on sale on
October 1, 1908 – many of us see the 10th month simply as the time when deciduous forests turn into kaleidoscopes of color, when late crops are harvested, when sports fans can choose
the World Series, football or hockey – and a month that closes with ghosts and pumpkins. You, no doubt, have your own October traditions to build on. I wish you well as you work on them during the month, and perhaps you’ll think appreciatively of the inventors whose genius changed the world in which we live, whether it’s the late Steven Paul Jobs or that fellow with
the grimy hands pottering around in Menlo Park so long ago.

Our October was the inspirational, with a MM degree and an EA degree. Our new brothers won’t grow without your support and neither will our Lodge.

This month we hold our elections for the New Year. I can assureyou that the lodge is in great hands. Please come out and show your support for your Lodge andour new officers.

“If you want to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today”

Come to the Lodge and bring a stone! Really bring a stone!

I will have a basket with a marker. Put your mark on the stone and put it in the basket. You can decorate them if you want.

Let us see how many of you read the trestle board. I will readthe marks on the stones during the meeting.

Will your mark be there? Thank you for your continuing confidence in allowing me to serve your lodge this year.

Remember my Brother,
GOD loves you and so do I.
Joseph A. DiNovi W.M.










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